This winter of our discontent, 2017. This american Heart of Darkness. An old, sick, mad, bilious, vengeful king withers the land and sows poison. Every graceful vision shudders involuntarily.

Yet somewhere, mustard seed lies sleeping, primed to awaken. The inevitable return of the Sun. Enlightenment. We shall overcome.


In Wildness

“In Wildness is the Preservation of the World” -Henry David Thoreau.

Shame on the moneylenders who are stealing our land, spoiling our waters and vast seas, whose greed knows no bounds, whose plastic souls smother all living things.

#awaken & #resist

Bunch of Squares

A bunch back to back quick because making money to live takes time away from light… FrostedWhose woods are these?

Waiting for the Sun


Time stands still, Winter Solstice 2015, County M, near Blue River, WI


"Color is the deeds & the suffering of light." Afternoon of the shortest day, Winter Solstice 2015


"Haven't I seen you round here before?" Gone the way of the lead sled, Hgwy 61, WI


Watch the skys, Central House Hotel December 2015.


Time waits for none

Instagram Daily Mail

The addictive, pavlovian, Instagrammatic deus ex machina app lurking in my G4 phone has vacuumed my attention & time away from this primary blog.
Currently under the influences of Alex & Rebecca Webb. Friends keep telling me my images remind them of my old poems…its all one’s mind’s eye witnessing isnt it?. All one-mind’s eye..?Lately updates look like (in print a tiny tin type size magazine of images screaming for eye contact):


Twilight Kronshage Park


Gideon Room, Central House Hotel, Boscobel WI


Walk away, Treasure Island FL


Home for the holidays


Barn stormed, Grant Co. WI


Fall in the Driftless


Frack sand pit, Grant Co, WI

Gulfport Casino Ballroom

Gulfport Casino Ballroom

Stormy weather south of Ft DeSoto Park

Warehouse Arts District, St Petersburg 

Storm approaching Ft DeSoto

Storm approaching Ft DeSoto

In the midst of car dealer row & six lanes of traffic on Odana Road in Madison, this #Wisconsin:


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