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The Mississippi River Conservancy recently purchased almost 400 acres adjacent to our town from a private owner and quietly opened the land to public use. A serious hike’s required to get to the top of the bluff, following a ravine watercourse, but once you’re up there vistas spread out and it’s beyond lovely. With only foot or horseback traffic permitted, the trail’s quiet and lonely in the best way. Mind space and woods space to wander sprawls invitingly. Some of the land was once grazed and bits of old open pasture and decayed fence-line remain; beyond that its all woods, prairie sky and critters, overhead, underfoot and under cover all around. I’ve been up top twice so far, the last time late on an overcast day with falling light. Here’s some of it:

Prairie Goldenrods and Leadplant  like minarets

Back-lit prairie grasses, goldenrod variants and lead plant glow like a Moroccan skyline at sunset

Call to rest

Nature’s minarets calling all to rest at dusk

Staghorn Sumac

Sumac spread flamelike through the brittle grasses

Prairie Grass Notations

Switch or Panic Grasses embraced by the wind inscribe its passage

Prairie Fireworks

Tiny seeds shoot skyward and arcing, fall like blossoming fireworks

Who, what, when, why?

Who what when why was the fence built and abandoned? Nature Prevails

Until we meet again

However empty the trail, in the woods we’re never alone. Whether wild things or memories, watchers abound. For Paul Mathis, gone too soon, GCAFM


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Travel’s all about contrasts, how they live there, who we are here, where’s everyone going, who knows their destination? Wisconsin and Jersey are worlds apart, but the people not so very different.

Horseback, Ellenboro WI

Springtime horseback ride downtown, downhome

The cutural chasm separating neighboring Wildwood and Cape May, NJ- one a summer-long spring break simulacrum rooted in 1950’s pop-culture, blue collered and raw with life, the other a Victorian resort town straight out of EM Forester or Henry James, dignified, wealthy, upwardly mobile– looms far greater than that between these ‘Sconnie horseback riders in the town of Ellenboro and the folks running the Dickenson family’s Hidden Valley Ranch in West Cape May.

Life's a Beach, Cape May Point

Life’s a Beach, Cape May Point

So much to be learned from just looking and waiting for the moment to arrive, and with it understanding of how vast the world remains, and how much of an effort we owe toward understanding it before- if ever– we move to judgement.

Crayola Roller Coaster, Wildwood

Coaster cars rocket through the loop above Crayola Alley, Wildwood Boardwalk

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April in WI, soggy, damp cold Spring tease, with the occasional days when the sky explodes into light…

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